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    ADD:No.78, Baofeng Road, Dongjiao Development Zone, Fenghua,Ningbo,Zhejiang
    Contact:Mr. Zhu Jianming
         Mr. Li daJun
    Post Code:315500
     Fenghua Tianyuan Hydraulic Pressure Production Co. LTD. is recomposed by the technical and manage elites and detective and attesting personnel of Fenghua hydraulic industry. The company specializes in producing hydraulic energy accumulators, cooling machines, hydraulic valves and other products. Meanwhile, we have a whole set of produce equipments, advanced detective pro.....

      Products keyword:

     Hydraulic NXQ Series Bag Accumulator
     QFZ Accumulator Control Valve Group
     KHB High-pressure Float Valve
     JZFS Series High-pressure Hydraulic Shutoff Valve
     CDZ Series Ni-charge Car
     GLC1-4 Series Radiator
     QXF Charge Valve
     JZF or YJF High-pressure Shutoff Valve
     CQJSeries Charge Tool
     2LQFW Series Radiator
     AJF Series Safety Shutoff Valve
     XJF Shutoff Valve
     AQF Safety Float Valve
     SL Series Vortex Radiator
     CJZQ Series Float Shutoff Valve (Viz. QJZ Style)
     Q11, Q21, Q31 Series Float Valve
     AJ Accumulator Control Valve Group
     OR Series Radiator
      YJZQ High-pressure Hydraulic Float Valve
     QJH High-pressure Float Core Shutoff Valve
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